Laguiole Elite, since 1997

All products on this website are made in France by the following manufacturers located in the city of Thiers and its industrial basin: Jean Dubost, Coutellerie Chambriard, Chazeau-Honoré, J. Beauvoir-Garmy and Coutellerie Au Nain.

Authenticity guidelines


By now, it is common knowledge that Laguiole products are either made in France or in some other country. If they are made by the highly skilled artisans and cutlers in France using the best materials available, you are assured of the quality of craftsmanship and components which guarantees that the money you are spending will buy you a reliable and durable product. Simply stated, there is a difference between "Made in France" and "Made in........."

Laguiole is the name of a style of cutlery and NOT the name of a manufacturer. Laguiole knives, flatware and other table accessories are made by different manufacturers in France, large and small, industrial or more artisanal, each with their own company name.

So how do you know where your Laguiole products originate from? Here are some guidelines.

  1. The manufacturer's name will be engraved on the product itself (mostly on the blades of the knives) and not just on the packaging.
  2. That name will be traceable to the manufacturer's official website and will provide their address and contact information.
  3. The word France or Thiers (cutlery capital of France) will be engraved also on the product as required by international export rules & regulations to identify its origin.

Once the above requirements have been met, you can be assured that your Laguiole products were made in France. Additionally, some manufacturers, particularly those involved in export on a large scale, will also include a certificate of authenticity.


Certificat Laguiole